Environment & Sustainability Statement

Glenesk Homes actively pursues a policy of promoting and implementing sustainable housing development, configuring the landscape and the building design so that it integrates with, and enhances, the surrounding natural and built environment.

We recognise that our operations will have an impact on the environment and we are committed to operating in a responsible and sustainable manner. We care about our impact and we aim for it to be very positive.

Accordingly we have established, and shall maintain, an ISO14001 based environmental management system and a further supply chain management system to ensure we continually operate to the high standards we have set out for ourselves.

We will always:

  • respect, protect and enhance the environment and the communities we work within
  • comply with environmental legislation and other requirements
  • ensure environmental considerations are incorporated into the land acquisition, planning, specification and design processes
  • adhere to the principles of considerate construction practice and good neighbourliness on all sites
  • use our supply chain management system to guide our sourcing decisions
  • aim to prioritise use of materials and services with the lowest environmental impact with consideration of non-hazardous, renewable, recyclable and reusable materials
  • procure timber and wood-based products from legal and sustainable sources
  • source materials locally where possible
  • minimise our environmental impact through prudent and efficient use of resources in all our operations and in the products and services we provide
  • make sure we act to protect wildlife and conserve their natural habitats
Glenesk Homes environmental man working

We will never:

  • ignore the impacts of our activities and projects on the environment throughout their lifecycle
  • breach environmental protection laws or regulations
  • act complacently towards the environment and the communities with whom we interact