Who we are

We are trusted housing specialists

Glenesk Homes was founded by Andrew Richards and has strong financial backing, through private wealth fund investment. Andrew is an experienced housebuilder who has had executive board roles for a number of major housebuilders and contractors for 20 years.

We are a team with a track record of success – we have experience and awareness of all the opportunities/risks/issues that arise within this sector but, most importantly, we know how to speedily embrace and solve them.

We create places where people prosper

We plan, design and build both large and small scale affordable housing developments. We look way beyond the build methods of timber frame, bricks and mortar to create thriving communities where people want to live. We produce and deliver cleverly designed environments and homes for local people so that they can stay in their communities and make their neighbourhood great.

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We transform lives and enrich landscapes through partnership and collaboration

We put people first. We never forget that our developments impact people and communities and therefore we always listen, learn, address needs and concerns and seek to create successful environments and long lasting buildings. We always collaborate with our partners and their stakeholders, valuing their expertise and experience and in the knowledge that they along with our team are key to delivering.

We put sustainability at the heart of everything we do

Given that the earth’s resources are finite, we believe we have significant responsibility to minimise waste, energy loss and environmental damage associated with remediation and construction. We therefore source materials and suppliers with this at the forefront of our considerations.

We constantly investigate new recycling methodologies, innovative build technologies and offsite manufacturing processes to ensure we maximise the cost, quality, time and environmental opportunities that these modern methods of construction can provide.

We are also committed to delivering warm, energy efficient homes that people can afford to live in and that will help reduce fuel poverty. We think the best way to achieve this is through the adoption of quality building fabric, design and specification.

We recognise the part we can play in social inclusion, helping communities lead happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives

We are fully aware of the wider impact affordable housing developments can bring to communities. High quality, accessible housing and attractive local environments contribute significantly to tackling poverty and improving health, education and opportunity. We play our part in identifying and capturing these broader “well-being” benefits.

Specifically, local residents play a major role in shaping the regeneration and we encourage their involvement in the design and construction phases. Where possible, we also aim to help tenants find apprenticeships, jobs, careers and training in the extensive array of opportunities offered by housebuilding sector.

We focus on excellence and quality

Glenesk Homes is fastidious about quality – our business model is based on senior directors being heavily involved in all aspects of the design, build and handover of our development to ensure we manage our teams to deliver snag free homes to promised timescales. We operate a robust supply chain environment because knowing who will deliver to our exacting standards is key to achieving our promised levels of quality.

We also believe that there is more to creating great places to live than quality-built homes. We think carefully about how the whole development works and gels together. We combine different home styles to make every street scene varied and interesting. Our team makes the best use of space to inspire community living and make the environments as secure and safe as possible. Our relationships with our partners and our understanding of specific requirements for local authorities allow us to “hit the ground running” in this respect.


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